Kerry Giannantonio creates magical moments of clarity with interactive tarot card readings. She's passionate + empathetic with a gift for channeling accurate predications for your near future. Her goal is to truly connect in a way that helps you feel uplifted + empowered.



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Rather than focusing on the long-term future, Kerry's readings offer insight into the present and near future. For instance, instead of predicting a marriage that will take place in several years, or an illness that will strike during old age, her intuition provides clarity and functional guidance on issues, people, and/or situations impacting your life presently and within the range of a few months.

Before your reading, think about what you would like to ask — no subject is too small or too large — and be prepared to provide your name and the month and day of your birth. If you would like to ask about another person, it is helpful to offer their birthdates, as well.

Kerry is a straightforward reader providing information for the highest good of all concerned. Her readings are interactive, so feel free to ask questions and to receive nonjudgmental answers. Predicted outcomes can be expected to take place from the time of the reading up until six months.

Readings are currently offered in-person or on FaceTime.

What to expect


Kerry brought a fresh and powerful perspective to what was going on in my life when I needed it the most! That, together with the affirmations, changed the trajectory of my life!



Jennifer kim

Kerry is one-of-a-kind. Not only is her card reading always accurate, but she’s a true spiritual healer. She takes time to understand her clients and really puts so much effort into helping her clients. Her guidance has helped me make clear and confident decisions.  



shauna a.


+ Accurate


I tend to skew on the skeptical side when it comes to predictions of any kind, but I can officially say Kerry's readings for me have been accurate, thoughtful, and in a way, she has become my tarot therapist! I always feel comfortable during my readings with Kerry and leave our sessions with a sense of clarity and accomplishment.



spenser vigeland

Cards with Kerry is where all the magic happens. Kerry’s intuitive practice has given me greater insight on past, present, + future experience. I have learned to apply a valuable consciousness to my everyday life + grow as an individual. Continued...



spenser vigeland

Kerry’s wisdom has the ability to determine the infinite potential of reality and develop stronger realms within spirituality. She has been teaching me the power of manifestation and the importance of self love. Throughout our readings, I’ve learned to trust in the knowing, and have faith in the unknown. Surprises are miracles that happen in the most unexpected times for the best reasons. Kerry’s readings are special, and a gift I will always treasure.

When Kerry read my cards, she picked up on things only I knew about myself. I was shocked + impressed! She spoke of things I hadn't really thought would happen + they're happening in my life right now. She truly is an extremely talented individual + brings so much love and light into this realm. I left my reading feeling inspired and ready to take on the world! Kerry is a very blessed, beautiful, bright soul.



Chanel, Makeup artist

Kerry takes on a new approach to helping others achieve the personal growth they desire. She helps bring the workings of our unconscious minds to the surface, offering clarity and perspective that leaves you feeling prepared for anything that comes your way.



jose, stylist


+ genuine

Jessica Ourisman, beauty + wellness journalist

Kerry came recommended to me by a friend + work colleague whom she had helped immensely. I've worked with many astrologers, intuitives, + tarot readers, and there is something different about her. Because she had a successful career prior to this, she came into this role knowing it was her calling — she's passionate, and she's genuinely here to help.

Real life



I’ve been to countless tarot card readers and spiritual advisors. Kerry’s intuitive skills far surpass anyone I’ve met. She has a unique ability to access her instinct and a superior understanding of the powerful world around her. That combined with her own pragmatism allows her to offer real life guidance and hope for the future. A practical witch! Plus, she’s fun.


+ Accurate


Accurate + Soulful.

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