Kerry is an intuitive counselor based out of Los Angeles, California.  Kerry offers readings that include tarot cards, oracle decks, and reading astrological energies.  She believes that we all have free will, providing advice based on the energy she reads, but leaving the ultimate decision up to the client.




Born and raised in New Jersey, she completed a degree in Anthropology & Sociology and worked for over twenty years in the corporate world before finding her higher calling as a spiritually-informed, intuitive advisor.

She has been intuitive her entire life — receiving psychic downloads since childhood, and delving into astrology from her teenage years on — but it was after an impactful call with a psychic that she decided to pursue her own gifts professionally. She developed such a rapport with the psychic — whom she describes as being refreshingly honest and accurate — that a friendship and mentorship ensued.

This allowed Kerry to broaden her metaphysical  skill-set, eventually launching her new career path based on the knowledge gained from the experience.  She is known to give her clients homework inspired by her own spiritual practices, such as recommending inspirational books, burning candles in sync with the Moon cycles, reciting affirmations, and making vision boards.

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Learn more about experiencing a reading with kerry

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